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Every student can be good at math and achieve more in school and life when every family can practice Family Math every day. We’re the center of making that happen.

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What is Family Math?

Family Math is culturally relevant math concepts and interactions occurring in the everyday activities in which families engage with their children—from the day their children are born to the day they graduate high school. Research shows that everyday math conversations add up, creating better school and life outcomes.

About the Center

As the national home for the growing Family Math movement, the Center is the one-stop shop for practitioners, researchers, educators, advocates, and funders, and the communities and families they serve.

Family Math Alliance

The Center is the convener of a national alliance of education, community, philanthropic, research, policy, and STEM organizations that collaborate, create partnerships, and elevate the field of Family Math.

Our Strategic Plan

See how the Center advances learning and equity for each and every student, creating success in school and life – particularly for those with the greatest need.

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