About the Center

Why a Center for Family Math?

NAFSCE’s Center for Family Math provides the resources, collaboration, and communications necessary to help educators, advocates, researchers, and families advance family math practices that work for families from all walks of life.

Together, we help build better lives by instilling the love of math in students through the love of their families.

The Center is a national home for the growing family math movement with special attention to systems and equity. It has audacious goals, including:

  • Convening existing organizations to set the table for greater collaboration with a focus on a common policy agenda & shared research agenda
  • Expanding interest & developing new partnerships to support STEM educators for family engagement & vice versa
  • Elevating the field by promoting best practices & support innovation, as well as curating, “translating,” and disseminating research & evidence that moves the practice forward
  • Providing a go-to, one-stop shop for practitioners, communities, and families

The Center’s success will have an impact today, tomorrow, and for years to come:

Practitioners, researchers, and school and community educators will have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to enhance family math and support families, children, and youth.

The field of family math will be sustainable and evidence-informed with a national research agenda that provides understandable and usable knowledge for improving outreach, policy, school instruction, and family math engagement.

Families will have understanding, confidence, and agency to embrace and build their family math confidence and ability.

Children and Youth will develop positive math identity and experience academic, economic, and civic success.


Advancing research, policies, practices, partnerships, and systems that inspire, harness, and amplify the power and love of math through family and community engagement.


A world where Family Math advances learning and equity for each and every child.

Guiding Principles

  • Understanding Foster partners/stakeholders’ realization that math is a vital equity issue and their willingness to make family math a priority in early education and beyond.
  • Evidence Promote the research and evidence base for high-quality program and practice design, use, and analysis of impact
  • Capacity Support the policies and practices in schools, communities, and families necessary for family math
  • Access Ensure equitable opportunity for young people to develop math identity, experience, and ability
  • Respect Respect youth, families, communities, and practitioners as the leaders and beneficiaries of the work

Our Team

Meet the people at the heart of the Center and find out why Family Math matters to them. Meet the Team

Our Home

The National Association for Family, School and Community Engagement (NAFSCE). NAFSCE’s mission is to advance high-impact policies and practices for family, school, and community engagement to promote child development and improve student achievement. Explore NAFSCE

Our Partners

Erikson Institute. As the premier graduate school for early childhood development, education, and social work, Erikson Institute conducts critical research that impacts policy decisions at home in Chicago and beyond. Explore Erikson

Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL). IEL’s mission is to partner with under-resourced communities to equip leaders to better prepare children, youth, adults, and families for postsecondary education and training, rewarding careers, and civic and community engagement. Explore IEL

Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC). MAEC’s mission is to promote excellence and equity in education to achieve social justice. Explore MAEC

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