What is Family Math?

Making Math an Everyday Experience

“Family Math” is defined as culturally relevant math activities and interactions occurring in everyday activities in which families engage with children and youth.

But simply put, it’s a way to discover math as an everyday experience! That includes everything from learning fractions while cooking, to learning numbers when playing games, to estimating when thinking about time and making plans. 

Research shows that everyday math conversations add up, creating better school and life outcomes. In fact, every child can be good at math when every family explores math concepts with their children from the day they’re born until the day they graduate high school. 

The practice of Family Math supports millions of children, particularly those from low-income families, at home and in communities for academic success.

Through this practice, kids can develop a positive self-identity around using math—rather than defaulting to a sense that “I’m not a math person”—and to understand and enjoy the power of math to solve problems, support critical thinking and problem-solving, and to open doors to a successful future.

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