Our Strategic Plan

5 Strategic Goals for Creating Brighter Futures Through Family Math

Expand And Deepen The Practice

  • Clearinghouse – Identify and expand, and co-design, impactful and accessible and culturally sustaining family math practices
  • Scale – Ensure that quality and scale travel hand-in-hand
  • Practitioner Capacity – Elevate, nurture, and support practitioners’ knowledge, skills, and mindset in family math and family engagement

Build Capacity And Partnerships

  • Strong Partnerships – Build the capacity of existing partners and expand the range of family math partnerships
  • Policy-Maker Capacity – Sharpen the policy community’s capacity to make math an equity priority
  • Partner Capacity – Identify gaps in practice, elevate good practice, and support partners’ capacity–both internally and across the field

Increase Awareness

  • Communications – Communicate the power of math and its everyday usefulness, demystify math, and promote the (love or joy) of math
  • Aligned Contributions – Galvanize contributions of partner-stakeholders to advance family math
  • Critical Conversations – Engage in the national policy conversation to advance equitable policy where it is needed to advance access to and inclusion in family math

Support Meaningful Research

  • Ecosystem – Support, encourage, and/or stimulate research that informs timely and actionable ideas for policy, practice, and professional development
  • Translation – Curate, communicate, and disseminate research that differentiates the benefits of family math practices and programs for different groups under different circumstances
  • Researcher Capacity – Identify, and build, partnerships that can strengthen and sustain the research base for family math

Foster Sustainability

  • Needs Analysis – Develop a “case for support” following branding and value proposition work
  • Network of Funders – Engage regional funders as well as national foundations with the multiple planning and implementation phases of the work as thought partners and not just donor prospects

Our Strategic Plan In Depth

Read our full strategic plan and watch a video outlining our future.

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