What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Math’?

This is a question we ask students of all ages. What kind of answers do we get in return?

“Um… numbers?”
“Addition and subtraction.”
“…I don’t like it.”
“I’m not good at it.”
“I dunno.”

Despite the incredible amount of time an individual spends learning mathematics in school, these are the takeaways that years of learning boil down to – for both children and adults.


Math isn’t just a school requirement; it’s a powerful language that allows us to explore, reason, and strategically solve problems in our world. Math is about combining the tools of numbers and operations with the skills of deduction and creativity and applying them to our fields of interest.


Mathematics allows us to make our intuition and our intelligence more tangible, enabling us to share and build upon our ideas with others. Through our collaborative efforts and exploration, we are able to use our brain power to investigate challenging puzzles, compose entrancing music, code revolutionary software, construct robust structures, design beautiful art, understand the mysteries of nature, and pursue our talents and interests in bottomless depth.


Family Math creates the opportunities for students of all learning types to put the learning in their own hands and develop their own intuitive understand of mathematics. We develop events, activities, and perplexing challenges that spark student engagement in conversation and experimentation from which the math emerges. By making mathematics approachable – not intimidating – we can then make math intuitive and, thus, empowering.